09 Jan 2014

Five New Years resolutions to boost your fundraising in 2014

Five New Year’s resolutions to boost your fundraising in 2014Here at MyDonate we understand that fundraising can sometimes be a bit challenging. We’ve put together five simple resolutions that we reckon will help you boost your online donations this year:

1. Tell your story

Your MyDonate fundraising page has been designed to enable you to personalise your fundraising campaign. This is your chance to tell your story. Begin by giving a brief description of what it is you’re doing and what you’re trying to achieve. Let readers know WHY this charity is important to you. Perhaps you have been personally affected by this charity, or perhaps you are supporting someone you know who is affected. This is your opportunity to connect with your potential donors.

2. Add photographs to your fundraising profile

"A picture is worth a thousand words". Or so the saying goes. Add pictures to your profile page. The more the merrier. Consider uploading pictures of you in training for your event or photographs relating to your cause. Make sure your photo is fun, engaging and relevant to your event.

3. Set your fundraising target

Setting a fundraising target is really important. It’s surprising how often fundraisers leave this section blank. By setting a target you’ll stay motivated – and so will your family and friends. Be realistic about how much you can raise - but be sure not to underestimate your fundraising abilities.

4. Spread the word

You’ve gone to all the effort of training for your event and setting up your fundraising page – don’t forget you now need to spread awareness of your page. Consider emailing the profile page link to your friends and family, and sharing your fundraising page via Twitter and Facebook. For the more media savvy amongst you, why not get in touch with your local newspaper? Make sure you provide the link to your fundraising page and brief details of what you are doing, when, where and why – including information about the charity for whom you are fundraising.

5. Follow-up with your donors

When setting up your fundraising page you have the option of personalising your ‘thank you’ message to donors when they leave a donation. Make use of this. Let me know how their money will be used (if you know this), and how much your appreciate it. We also recommend getting in touch with your donors after your fundraising event to let them know how much you raised and thank them for their support.

Have you got any fundraising tips you’d like to share? What worked for you? Send us your comment below. Best of luck for your fundraising ventures this year!

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