17 Oct 2011

Fundraising experts share their knowledge

Live Q&A: Professional development for fundraisersUnderstanding the potential of social media and constantly upgrading personal skills are just some of the top tips shared by half a dozen of the UK’s leading charitable fundraisers.

Representatives from the Institute of Fundraising, National Trust and the Scout Association joined other experts as part of a live online Q&A session entitled Professional development for fundraisers hosted by The Guardian.

There was plenty of discussion about the difficulties of fundraising and innovative ways to combat this. The role of social networking was discussed and there was plenty of advice for people looking to further their fundraising careers – or gain a first foot hold on the careers ladder.

For example, David Milton, director of fundraising at Childreach International has this advice for anyone looking for a job in this sector:

“The CVs that stand out... honestly are people who have a track record of producing results,” he wrote.

“I'm guilty of throwing away any CV that starts with a lengthy covering letter or uses more than simple bullet points. If an individual is capable of producing results and excelling at their job, they shouldn't need to describe this, the proof should be very easy to summarise.

“Too many people focus on qualifications and education in my eyes (although I won't deny they are useful!). If someone really wants a job with me, show me you can bring in £1,000 in donations with a budget of £50 and you’re hired!”

If you’re interested in a charitable fundraising, this Q&A is a must read.

Find out more about the live online Q&A session.

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