09 Dec 2011

Fundraising ideas at Christmas

Mince pies and hollyStop Santa stress

Instead of spending money on novelty Christmas presents for your colleagues, why not agree to donate the money you would spend instead? This will raise much needed funds and save any blushes caused by “humorous” gifts. It also means you can cross one - or even more names off your present buying list. If you’ve got a relative who is clearly struggling with what to give you, why not get them to donate on your behalf. They’ll probably be relieved they no longer have to think about it.

Present amnesty

If you still have a pile of unwanted gifts come January, why not auction them online, giving the proceeds to charity. Although if you’ve got sensitive relatives it might be best to do this discreetly!

Get the neighbours round for a mince pie and mulled wine party

Invite friends and neighbours round after creating your own ‘Mince pie and mulled wine party’ event page on MyDonate (it’s really easy). Ask your guests to make a donation through your page. When they turn up, crank up the festive music and provide them with some yummy homemade mince pies and a glass or two of mulled wine or non-alcoholic spiced punch.

Baby love

Get friends and neighbours to give you their old baby photos, display them and get people to guess who they are. Whoever gets the most answers right wins a (cheap and cheerful) christmassy prize. Get them to donate their entry fee online through a MyDonate page.

Christmas Yes Day

Declare a day when you will say yes to everything everyone one asks (within reason!) and ask people to sponsor you to be agreeable….

A vice-free Christmas

Get sponsored to give up something you love – alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes? You can commit to a set period of time or ask people to sponsor you by the day. Use an event page on MyDonate to make it easy for people to sponsor you.

Christmas karaoke

Warn the neighbours, then invite as many people as you can to belt out some festive tunes – or maybe your local pub will let you take over one of their rooms. Ask people that want to sing to make a donation through your MyDonate page.

Carol singing event

Why not try some good old fashioned traditional carol singing door to door in your neighbourhood? Get friends to donate £1 for every £1 your group raises….

Boogie (winter) wonderland

Invite friends and neighbours to your very own dance party using your MyDonate page - and get them to sponsor you for every song you lay down some moves to. Keep the kids entertained with face painting – reindeer, elves and Santa, of course!

Christmas quiz

A quiz is always popular. When your home is looking festive, invite your guests to take part by making a donation through your MyDonate page. Set aside a small prize for the winning guest or team.

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