22 Oct 2013

Looking for some spooktacular fundraising fun this Halloween?

Halloween pumpkin 

Halloween is the perfect excuse to have a bit of fun and raise some money for a good cause.

Here at MyDonate HQ we’ve put our thinking caps on and have come up with some spooktacular ideas to help you raise a scary amount of money this Halloween, and have a fangtastic time in the process, whatever your age.

With MyDonate, its now even easier to make sure your money goes directly to your cause. Simply set up a free fundraising page for your event, publicise your link through email, Facebook and Twitter and, hey presto, you’re ready to gho-st.

For younger ghoulies why not try out one of these ideas:

Have a Monsters ball

Charge an entry fee, and award prizes for the slickest "Thriller" dance and scariest costume. Halloween themed games could include ‘Wrap the mummy’ and ‘Musical tombstones’. Funds raised can go to your favourite charity.

Love baking? Raise some serious dough with a Halloween Bake Off

You can get ghoulishly creative with your baking and raise money at the same time. Get together with your friends or school and organise a bake off. You could bake a haunted gingerbread house, a giant pumpkin or if you’re really adventurous, a Freddy Krueger lookalike. Charge an entry fee and sell slices of cakes afterwards at a tea party to raise some extra funds.

My body is black and my legs count four…….

Invite your neighbours and their children/grandchildren to take part in a Halloween scavenger hunt. Everyone pays a couple of pounds to take part, and you could also sell Halloween-themed snacks and refreshments.

Older thrill seeking fundraisers may want to take inspiration from some of these ideas:

It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark…

It may have been done before but it will never stop being fun – organise a flash mob to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Recruit a Zombie to film the whole dance and put a link to your MyDonate page on it. Post it to Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about your cause.

On your marks, get set, gho-st!

For those of you who are into fitness, or perhaps just want a bit of fun, how about staging a sponsored Zombie chase in your local forest? Just grab a group of your mates, create a fundraising event page and you’re off.

Scare yourself silly with a Horror-Film-a-Thon

Perhaps you’re a bit of a film buff? Why not get sponsored to watch as many scary films in the dark as you can, one after the other. See how long you last! If you can’t face it alone, why not invite some friends over, charge them £5 each for the evening (for entry) and watch a marathon of horror movies.

Who played the role of Professor Van Helsing in "Bram Stoker's Dracula"?

Think you know? Why not get together with your local landlord and organise a horror movie pub quiz, with proceeds from entry going to your favourite charity.

Wear to scare

If you work in a small office then you could hold a ‘wear to scare’ dress-down/up day. You could even make it mandatory for your colleagues to travel to work ‘in costume’.

Whatever ideas you come up with, remember that MyDonate doesn’t charge a penny to collect money. That’s right. 100 per cent of funds raised go to your charity. That means you can have some serious fun with your scare-raising antics this Halloween and everybody wins. Except perhaps the dog you dressed up as a pumpkin…..

Get spooking!

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