11 Feb 2015

Spotlight on Handcrafted: the charity empowering disadvantaged people through crafts


“MyDonate is a free fundraising platform, something we thoroughly appreciate as a very small charity with little spare budget.”

Handcrafted was set up in 2012 by a group of volunteers, driven by a desire to help disadvantaged people in County Durham.

The charity is just starting out with online fundraising. For Handcrafted a platform such as MyDonate, that supports them without charging a fee, is crucial to the success of their projects.

Boosting confidence through new skills

Handcrafted works with people in County Durham who genuinely want to be active, contributing members of the community but who struggle with homelessness, mental illness, chaotic lifestyles or addictions.

Beth Holmes, office manager for Handcrafted, explains the charity’s purpose: “We run woodwork, gardening and house renovation projects, giving our trainees the opportunity to learn new skills, gain confidence, establish a positive routine and break out of chaotic lifestyles.”

Becoming more sustainable

Handcrafted are working to become more sustainable by widening their income sources which primarily comes from funding bids to charitable trusts.. For example, Handcrafted sells products made in the workshops and does gardening jobs for local people who offer donations in return.

Handcrafted is keen to develop its online donation activity, through MyDonate, to further publicise the charity and boost financial support for its projects. Beth adds: “As we are just starting out with online fundraising, a platform like MyDonate that supports us, without charging a fee, is incredibly helpful.”

The charity plans to raise £3,000 through MyDonate in 2015 to support its ‘Unrestricted funding’ pot. Beth says: “Unrestricted funding – funding that doesn’t come with a specific purpose – is like gold dust to charities as it means we can cover all the little, but so essential, costs. It gives us the freedom to react quickly to situations and support our trainees in the best way possible without worrying where the funds will come from.”

You can make a donation to support the future of Handcrafted’s workshops

Learn more about the charity and how they support disadvantaged people in County Durham

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