24 May 2012

My Donate helps students raise funds for Childreach International

Jess KinneyIn March 2012, 75 students in Blackpool and Brighton threw themselves into the bitterly cold sea to raise money for Childreach International. Fundraiser Jess Kinney - a second-year university student and team leader for one of the charity’s Challenge Events - explains why she got involved in the ‘Big Dip’.

My team from Royal Holloway are working towards a trek to Nepal, an expedition to Everest Base Camp. I was told that the ‘Big Dip’ was a fundraising opportunity for the trip in the run-up to the trek.

I started drumming up enthusiasm for the event within my teams and a lot of us were really keen to take on this crazy challenge.

Although I’m generally a very passionate charity supporter all round, I find fundraising for Childreach International the most satisfying. The vision and mission statements are really powerful and the causes are extremely valid.

The main aims – enabling better access to education, improving healthcare and promoting child rights and protection – are really important to me and I do want to try my best to make a difference. It’s great to put a lot of effort into fundraising and know that it’s going to a great cause – the satisfaction of knowing you’ve given something back is truly immense.

Using MyDonate has made a real difference. It’s great to have your own personal URL to send to people and show them what you’re doing for charity and how well you’re doing so far.

MyDonate is a really effective fundraising service as it means that people can donate in their own time, rather than worrying about carrying around loose change.

To me, the fact that it’s free is also really very important. It’s really good to know that every penny donated is going straight to the charity and its causes rather than a percentage of it going elsewhere.

It’s really easy to navigate the MyDonate site and making a donation is very simple. It is very efficient, so those sponsoring me can see their donation appear pretty quickly on my page. Plus, they can be assured that the payment process is extremely safe and trustworthy.

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