30 Dec 2011

How to make your New Year's resolution stick - set yourself a goal!

Running shoeAlmost each one us makes News Year’s resolutions and almost the same number of us break those same resolutions. Gyms which were fit to burst in January look somewhat sparser come March.

Promising yourself to finally get fit and healthy is a bit vague, so why not set yourself a definite goal to aim for and start training for a fundraising event. Getting motivated and actually going to the gym gets a lot easier when you have a deadline in mind.

You might forget not to eat junk food come the end of January, but you will remind yourself to go to the gym when you have an event in five months to think about. Thinking about the money you are raising should help you keep on track. Regularly updating a blog on the progress of your training for your supporters should also make sure you keep going.

Give yourself a goal to aim towards, but make it achievable. If you have been sat on the sofa for the best part of 2011, then running the marathon de sables come February might be unrealistic. You don’t have to run a marathon there’s a range of activities to think about:

  • If you are new to running think about a half marathon or a 10k run.
  • Running might not be for you so thinking about taking part in a swimming event instead, there are a range of different distances that you can think about.
  • Walking is a great way to get fit, across the UK there a number of treks and walks that you can think about.
  • Taking part in a cycling event could also be another way to get fit and raise money.

If you have not exercised for a while start your training slowly building up gradually. Allow yourself recovery time to allow your body to get stronger and fitter. If you don't allow time for your body to recover, you may weaken your performance and feel tired.

Above surround yourself with people who will encourage you, set yourself a target, with goals along the way and stick to it!!

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