07 Jul 2015

Sponsored slim helps feed struggling families

 heat or eat

Imagine if you and your family were really struggling with money.

What if the hardship was so acute it forced you to make a choice. You either paid your utility bills or you fed your children.

But not both.

Unfortunately, for many thousands of families up and down the country, this dreadful dilemma is all too common.

Their plight is something Gary Nash from Waltham Forest in London happens to be very familiar with.

Because Gary has spent years working closely with people who have had no choice...except to make this kind of hideous choice.

“No one should have to choose”

Gary’s experiences inspired him to set up and work full-time for his own charity – Eat or Heat.

“We live in a rich country,” explains Gary. “No one should have to choose between bills or food.”

Eat or Heat is a food bank in East London. It works with people in need to make sure they can both feed their families and heat their homes.

Not only is Gary a driving force behind the charity, he is also a fundraiser.

Sponsored slim

“I’ve just started my own sponsored slim,” he explains. “I began my diet back in April and I’ll stay on it until the end of September. My goal is to lose as much weight as I can. In a sensible way of course.”

Apart from raising money for the charity, Gary is keen to heighten awareness that there are still too many people in our communities in need.

Says Gary: “If everyone could give just a little, we can help to make their lives better.”

“Financial donations are important because there will always be a food type not donated, or there are certain foods like canned meat and veg which run out very quickly,” he adds.

“The money allows us to buy what’s needed when it’s needed. Money donations also allow us to pay for events that we put on throughout the year to raise more awareness of our charity and its activities.”

MyDonate stands out

Gary chose BT MyDonate both from a fundraiser’s perspective and from the point of view of a charity.

“I searched the net on behalf of Eat or Heat looking for a fundraising platform,” he says. “There are a few out there but I chose BT MyDonate because it was free so the maximum benefit of donations would go to the charity and not in an intermediary’s bank account.”

“As a fundraiser knowing that all the money I attract goes to the cause is really important. MyDonate stands out for this reason.”

You can support Eat or Heat by giving with MyDonate

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