20 May 2016

Top ideas for summer fundraising with your local community

 Summer fate

As much part of a British summer as strawberries and cream, street parties and fetes are a long-standing summertime tradition. To mark the Queen’s official 90th birthday in June, many neighbourhoods throughout the country will gather and join the official celebrations – and what better way to get to know your neighbours and local community than to organise a big get-together.So we’ve put together some ideas for your summer fundraising activities.

  1. Summer street party
    If you’d like to join in the nation-wide celebrations happening this summer to celebrate The Queen’s 90th birthday, why not hold your own street party? The best place to go for tips and details is your local district and borough council. You can also visit www.gov.uk/organise-
    for more information

  2. Lemonade stall
    On a hot summer’s day there’s nothing more refreshing than homemade lemonade. You could even branch out and sell ice-lollies made from fruit juice to create the ultimate heat-busting thirst quenchers: a guaranteed success on a sunny day.

  3. Sweet jar tombola
    You could ask people to donate jam jars filled with sweets (or small toys) in the weeks leading up to your summertime event. This is ideal if you’ve got limited space for a stall, and a tombola is a great way to raise money for your charity in a short space of time.

  4. Pin the tail on the donkey
    One of the iconic games everyone is bound to love. The most preparation you’ll need for this one is using your artistic skills to paint a picture of the donkey and a piece of string with sticky tape for the tail. If you want to mix things up, why not think of a themed version: pin the strawberry on the cake, the sail on the ship, tail on the corgi or flake on the ice cream… the possibilities are endless!

  5. Face painting
    Always a favourite among children of all ages, all you need is a face-painting set – along with plenty of creative flair. If you’re joining in the celebrations for The Queen’s birthday, you could paint British flags on guests’ cheeks – or have a specific theme for your face paintings.

  6. Apple bobbing
    The quintessential summer fair game: all you’ll need a large tub filled with water and a lot of apples. Bibs and towels are recommended.

  7. Themed quiz
    If you fancy showing off your extensive knowledge of useless facts, you could organise a themed quiz at the fair. You could even think of a special summer theme for your quiz, or fill it with lots of questions about your local area. Quizzes are readily available on the internet if you’re in need of some extra inspiration.

  8. Raffle
    Organising a raffle is a quick and easy way to raise money – and you can get as creative as you like with the raffle prizes. You could visit local shops and even members of your local community to see if they have anything they want to donate – it could be anything from an unwanted candle set at Christmas to a dusty unopened bottle of sherry.

  9. An old school sports day
    Sports activities are easy to organise and they’re a great way to get everyone involved – young and old. You can lay on a whole host of different games that are all time family-favourites: from egg and spoon races, swing ball competitions, sack and wheelbarrow races to welly throwing. You can charge people a fee to take part, and give the winners a medal or prize.

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