02 Dec 2013

Calling all charities – need a helping hand?

BT Troubleshooter 

As well as MyDonate, BT offers a whole bunch of services to help charities thrive as part of its Better Future programme. Two of these – BT Troubleshooter and BT Community Challenge – are powered by the company’s amazing volunteers.

Through these two services, BT is thrilled to be able to offer the direct support of its people to charities that need a helping hand.

BT Troubleshooter

When facing thorny business issues, getting help from experts in the field or just a fresh pair of eyes can make a massive difference. BT Troubleshooter offers charities the opportunity to ‘borrow’ a small team of BT volunteers with relevant skills and experience for a day or a half-day.

First, the charity explains what the issue is – and it’s worth remembering that this initial input is critical.

A talented BT Troubleshooter team is put together and the charity decides how best to use its time. A date is then agreed before the team heads off to the charity, or they come to BT. Either way, the service is free.

BT Troubleshooter has already come to the aim of all sorts of charities - from international household names to small local charities.

So, if your charity could do with a fresh angle on a challenge or issue you’re facing, simply fill out the application form. Because of timings and availability, not every request can be fulfilled, but BT will do its very best to help.

BT Community Challenge

There are times when it’s simply about getting stuck in. Charities have something that is waiting to be done, but they need a helping hand to make it happen.

That’s where BT Community Challenge comes in.

Charities need to explain what needs doing, where and when, and it becomes BT’s mission to find the right team of volunteers to help the charity get it done – and for free.

BT’s teams have been involved with some brilliant community challenges to date, including building a sensory garden, painting and decorating a community classroom and a whole host of tree planting. The volunteers love to get stuck in, and it’s astounding what can be achieved in a day when there’s a whole team to tackle it.

Register your interest here and BT will try to match it with a group of BT volunteers on a date that suits everyone. And while not every request can be fulfilled, the company promises to do its best.

For more information on BT Troubleshooter and BT Community Challenge, as well as all the other services BT offers in the charity portfolio, head over to www.bt.com/charityportfolio . For other useful tips and resources to help you get the most from MyDonate download the MyDonate toolkit.

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