23 Jul 2012

The key to successful charitable events

Online Q and AMyDonate - in partnership with the Guardian’s Fundraising Hub - sponsored a lively online Q and A session about how events can make money for charity.

Charities are increasingly using events to attract a wide audience, publicise their cause and generate large sums of money.

The Q and A heard how key to the success of fundraising events is to capture the hearts and minds of the public.

But this can be quite a tall order especially as the public are bombarded by so many requests for help.

So how can organisation make their event stand out from the crowd?

The message from the panellists in the Q and A session is that charities have to be creative if they want to attract attention.

They need to promote the idea that giving is fun and retain their charitable brand, as this is vital if long-term support is to be generated.

Al Bell, a freelance consultant who took part, said: " Successful events are innovative, well planned and delivered by passionate people who refuse to take no for an answer."

But the thank you is perhaps the most important element of events organising. The contribution of donors and sponsors should be valued if you want to retain their support for the future.

For more information and all the comments posted during the discussion go to making events fundraising work.

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