A fundraising service that doesn’t take commission?

...Absolutely. Many other fundraising services take a little slice of every donation they get. It may only be 2% here or 5% there, but that adds up to a lot when you’re trying to raise cash for a good cause. That’s where MyDonate is different. We don’t take a thing. Not even an itsy bitsy penny. No set up fees, no commission. Apart from the fees charged by the card companies (a 15p flat rate fee for a debit card transaction of any size or a 1.3% credit card charge), all the money goes straight to charity. And that’s got to be a good thing.

How does every tenner grow?

Say you wanted to raise money by sitting in a bath of baked beans. On MyDonate it’s simple to set up a fundraising page and anyone can visit your page to make donations to your baked-bean challenge, safely and securely. But unlike some fundraising services, every penny would go straight to the charity of your choice (apart from a tiny fee taken by credit and debit card companies).

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How does MyDonate work for charities?

As a charity, it costs nothing to register with MyDonate. Compare that to Virgin Money Giving who’d want a one-off fee of £150 + VAT, or JustGiving who’d want you to cough up £15 + VAT a month. With no set-up fees, MyDonate is a no brainer. And don’t get us started on the commission. Again, unlike Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving who take up to 5%, we take nothing. In fact, with the addition of Gift Aid, you’d end up giving even more.

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Is it easy to use?

 Yes it is. And it’s really secure too. Here’s what a few of our charities say about the service:

“MyDonate has helped us a great deal. In the first year alone we saved £100,000 compared to if we were using other donation portals. That has gone directly into projects.

Ranjeet Khare, director of fundraising, Childreach International

“MyDonate uses the latest technology from BT and provides a safe and secure way for people to donate online. Fundraisers who support our charity can be confident knowing that by using MyDonate the money they give online will be processed quickly and securely and paid directly to us.”

James Partridge, founder and chief executive officer of Changing Faces

“It is good to know that MyDonate is free to sign up to and that one hundred per cent of all monies donated will go directly to supporting our work.”

Nicola Harwin CBE, chief executive of Women’s Aid

Why did BT decide to launch MyDonate?

We want to encourage as many people as possible to donate online and raise cash for charities. The best way of doing that is to offer a free fundraising service so more money goes where it’s supposed to.

How is BT funding the MyDonate service?

BT is big on helping charities and putting back into the communities we serve. MyDonate is a part of that commitment. One percent of BT’s pre-tax profits go towards this aim, which in the year ending March 2013 year amounted to over £27m.

Who can use it?

MyDonate is a service provided free for charities, fundraisers and donors. We welcome all UK charities registered with the Charity Commission or the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).

Charities in Northern Ireland and Community Amateur Sports Clubs need to have charity status with HMRC. This also applies to other charities in the UK who are exempt from formal registration with the Charity Commission or OSCR.

As long as the charity has joined MyDonate, fundraisers and donors can start supporting them straightaway.

How do I get started? 

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