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DC12-025                                        February 28, 2011

Ing Bank to provide brokerage and custodian services in Russia via BT Radianz cloud

BT today announced that members of its BT Radianz Cloud community now have access to ING Bank’s brokerage, cash management, custodian and other investor services in Russia.

The BT Radianz community of 15,400 member locations globally will now be offered a fast, nimble and secure connection to ING Bank, giving them direct market access to leading local stock exchanges Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) and Russian Trading Systems (RTS) for real-time pre-trade risk monitoring, high-speed order entry, co-location, trading multiple asset classes and ING custodian and cash management services.

ING Securities Services supports more than 860 foreign and domestic clients with approximately USD 120 billion of its clients’ assets held under custody (as of 31 October, 2011), providing them with a broad range of solutions to manage their transactions and assets in Russian markets.

Tom Regent, president, BT Global Banking and Financial Markets, said: “Foreign investors are increasingly interested in Russia as a growth market, so adding ING’s investor services to the BT Radianz Cloud opens yet another gateway for them to access Russian markets. We are positive that the improved investor access to a diversity of financial products within Russian markets will benefit the broader BT Radianz community.”

Stanislav Yarushevichus, Deputy Head of Financial Markets, Head of Trading Department, ING, said: “ING Bank in Russia is paying close attention to developing its brokerage business for international investors, providing a wide range of Russian rouble instruments, cash management solutions and securities services. As it supports the world’s largest secure networked financial services community, BT Radianz Cloud is the ideal eco-system for ING Bank to offer our services to a larger pool of global investors interested in trading on Russian markets.”

ING joined the BT Radianz Cloud community in May 2011and had already processed 2,150,482 orders by mid-September which resulted in 228,736 trades with a total volume of over 21 billion roubles.

BT’s specialised teams of local experts, based in Moscow, serve the needs of local and foreign multinational clients from the financial services industry as well as other sectors. Over the past 11 years the BT Radianz Cloud has become an important window to the world for local and global financial service providers. Russia’s largest stock exchanges and leading business news outlets - including RTS, MICEX and RIA Novosti - have been members of the community since 2010.

Editors Notes

ING is regulated by the Russian FSFM and is a member of MICEX and RTS.

About ING Group
ING Group is a global financial institution of Dutch origin with a history that goes back 150 years. The Company provides a wide range of financial services, including banking and investment services, life insurance and retirement services, to over 85 million customers in more than 40 countries around the world.
The ING brand brings together many well-known companies, with total Group assets of EUR1,282 bn (per October 31, 2011). ING Group took an impressive 12th place in the Fortune magazine Fortune Global List 500 in 2010 (the Company has an annual revenue of US$163.204 mln) and a 16th place in the list of the biggest financial institutions in Europe by market capitalization, according to Bloomberg.
ING Commercial Banking in Russia
ING Group’s Commercial Banking business unit is today one of the leading foreign financial institutions in Russia, providing services to over 1,200 foreign and local corporate clients. ING Commercial Banking has been operating in Russia since 1993 (legal name - “ING BANK (EURASIA) ZAO”), and through its previous enterprises has been associated with the market in Russia for over 200 years.
ING Commercial Banking is a top-tier player in the leading international and Russian rankings. The Bank is one of the 10 top foreign banks in Russia, and a top-tier player in the FX and Money Markets with a daily turnover of around 10% of the USD/RUB market. In addition, the Bank is No. 3 in the RUB deposit market, with daily trading volumes of over US$1 bln and No, 3 MLA for syndicated loans in Russia. ING Bank is also the largest custodian in Russia, with approximately US$200 bln of client assets under custody (as of October 31, 2011).
ING in Russia (History)
1775 First Russian client opened account with Barings
1818 Places first bonds for Imperial Russian Government in London/Amsterdam
1850 Appointed Fiscal Agent in London for Russian Government
1864 Issued bonds for Russian Government to finance the construction of the first railways
1908 Issued bonds for Moscow Government for the construction of the first tramways
1916 Appointed to manage Sterling/Ruble Exchange
1993 Second foreign bank to receive banking license in Russia