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DC12-048                                                                               February 28, 2012

Super-fast broadband goes live in Lancaster

Nearly 21,000 more Lancashire homes and businesses to benefit from BT’s rollout

Super-fast broadband is now available to the first homes and businesses in Lancaster, BT announced today.

Nearly 21,000 local householders and firms are poised to join the high-speed revolution as engineers complete the local upgrades in the coming weeks.

It is already available in Ashton-on-Ribble, Broughton, Chorley, Fulwood, Leyland, Longton, Penwortham, Rossendale, Skelmersdale and Upholland.

The latest development will take the number of premises in Lancashire with access to the high-speed technology to around 140,000.

Further major investment is under way; BT has announced plans for its super-fast fibre network to pass premises in Accrington, Bamber Bridge, Cleveleys, Clitheroe, Hesketh Bank, Morecambe, Ormskirk and Preston later this year.

The communications company’s local network business, Openreach, expects to make super-fast fibre broadband available to around two-thirds of UK homes and businesses by the end of 2014**. It will use a mix of fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and fibre to the premises (FTTP) technologies. Both offer speeds much faster than those currently available to many UK homes and businesses.

FTTC, where fibre is delivered to the street cabinet, offers download speeds of up to 40Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10Mbps. Openreach recently announced it will roughly double these speeds this Spring. FTTP, where fibre runs all the way to homes and businesses, currently offers download speeds of up to 100Mbps and these too, are expected to be soon boosted to up to 300Mbps this Spring. By Spring 2013 BT aims to make speeds of up to 300Mbps commercially available in any area where super-fast fibre broadband has been deployed potentially transforming the competitiveness of businesses.*

Lancashire County Council recently announced it had chosen BT as its preferred partner organisation to roll out super-fast broadband to the more remote parts of the county where it is currently not commercially viable to do so. More details about these plans will be announced shortly.

Mike Blackburn, BT’s North West regional director, said: “The arrival of super-fast broadband in Lancaster is a huge boost for local businesses and households. These are economically challenging times and super-fast broadband can transform their experience of the internet. They’re joining the more than seven million UK premises now passed by one of the world’s fastest growing fibre networks.

“Fast and reliable internet connections are an essential part of our national infrastructure, whether we want them for boosting our businesses, delivering essential public services , education online or entertainment at home. Nobody is doing more than BT to roll-out faster broadband across the region and we want to go further.

“Internet users with a super-fast connection can do much more online, all at the same time. Upload speeds are the fastest in the UK and can deliver a major boost to the competitiveness of local businesses, offering them new ways of working flexibly and allowing large data and video files to be sent and received almost instantly. Other benefits include wider use of high quality videoconferencing and faster back-up of computer systems.”

At home a family could be simultaneously downloading a movie, watching a TV replay service, surfing the internet and playing games online. A music track can be downloaded in about two seconds, a whole album in 30 seconds and a feature length HD movie in 10 minutes, whilst high-resolution photos can be uploaded to Facebook in seconds.

Unlike other companies, Openreach offers access to all service providers on an open, wholesale basis, thereby underpinning a competitive market. For further information on Openreach’s super-fast broadband programme visit


Notes to editors

*An installation charge may apply to any businesses or consumers wishing to take advantage of the 300MB on demand product.
** BT’s deployment plans are subject to an acceptable environment for investment.

Due to the current network topography, and the economics of deployment, it is likely that some premises within the selected exchange areas will not initially be able to access fibre-based broadband. However, Openreach is actively looking at alternative solutions for these locations.