Thumbs up for Ethernet milestone

Ethernet cablesBT Wholesale passed a major milestone this week by confirming it has reached 1,000 live fibre Ethernet nodes in the UK.

As such, BT Wholesale now has the largest customer-ready copper and fibre delivered network of Ethernet in the UK.

And there are plans in the pipeline to reach 1,090 fibre nodes by the end of 2011.

This is great news for businesses looking to cut the cost of access service compared to leased lines, for example.

Ethernet is a well-established network protocol used in 98 per cent of the local area networks (LANs) commonly found connecting ICT equipment within offices.

But only in the last few years has its use spread to wide area networks (WANs), which connect ICT equipment over larger geographical areas such as a dispersed university campus.

Using Ethernet, businesses can access WAN services such as internet access, hosted voice, video-conferencing, ‘cloud’ datacentre facilities, and mobile voice and data.

Ethernet networks are also more flexible than traditional lines and they’re cheaper to run as well.

Said Cameron Rejali, Managing Director, Products, BT Wholesale: “BT’s Ethernet deployment has advanced from an early adopter to a mainstream purchase for businesses looking for a cheaper, faster and more versatile single platform solution for their wide area networking or local area networking needs,” added Rejali.