SFBB – it’s what you do with it that counts

SFBB – it’s what you do with it that countsKDS is a leading technology provider in Northern Ireland. Working in conjunction with the Department of Finance and personnel (DFP), it has launched a scheme called ‘Bridging the Digital Divide’ aimed at bringing internet access to everyone in Northern Ireland.

With 45 internet enabled touch screen kiosks across Northern Ireland in cities and towns, the ‘Bridging the Digital Divide’ initiative provides broadband access to people who may otherwise not have had access to the technology.

KDS’s chief technical officer Dave Vincent believes the BT and DETI roll-out of faster broadband in Northern Ireland is having a positive impact on what the company is trying to achieve: “A faster broadband infrastructure, delivered through optical fibre from the exchange to the street cabinets and from there over copper cable to the customer’s premises, allows us to build enhanced capacity to the kiosks."

“This, in turn, allows us to deliver broadband services which benefit the whole community."

“The majority of users are accessing the kiosks for local council services such as community information, tourist information, education and job opportunities as well as booking vehicle tests. The interest in the kiosks speaks for itself with over a thousand average page views per day in many locations."

He added: “Thanks to the faster broadband roll-out we have many exciting new features that we can factor into existing and future kiosks. As we progress these features will allow us to make the service ‘hyper-local’; for instance, if a user needs to book a doctor’s appointment our kiosks could show them their surgery’s availability and give them the option to book an appointment right away."

“As the roll-out continues, we will be able to close the digital divide and provide all rural areas with a first rate broadband connection,” said Dave.