Forty one market towns secure future fibre investment

Forty one market towns secure future fibre investmentMore than 40 market towns across the UK have been chosen to get BT’s superfast fibre broadband.

As a result of this additional investment some 300,000 businesses and consumers will be able to access superfast broadband at speeds of up to 40Mbps from spring 2012.

To date, BT has announced that 785 exchanges across the UK will be part of its £2.5bn fibre roll-out. These exchanges serve around eight million premises in total - around half of BT’s total fibre roll-out plan.

In a statement Steve Robertson, chief executive of Openreach said: “We want to extend the fibre footprint and the benefits the technology brings to more rural areas. So we're constantly evolving our deployment model to make sure we can bring the benefits of the technology to the maximum number of people within the scope of our commercial deployment.

“The inclusion of 41 market towns in our roll-out plan firmly demonstrates our commitment to finding solutions for local communities,” he said.

Read the full press release and to see which market towns have been included in the roll-out.

UPDATE: is reporting on this story and describes it SFBB as being ‘too good to miss’. It says: “You'd imagine BT would have given its premium internet products a price tag to match, but this couldn't be further from the truth.”

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