Shareholder information

In this section you can find information regarding your shareholding.

Electronic shareholder communications

Being an e-shareholder enables you to receive all your shareholder communications electronically. It's quick, easy and free. You can build, view and manage a full share portfolio online. What's more, e-communications saves BT money which is good news for you as a shareholder. E-shareholding is offered in conjunction with Equiniti Shareview service.

A Shareview portfolio give you access to a wide range of useful tools and services - including:

  • Updating your details securely online
  • Online voting
  • Access to exclusive articles with your e-Newsletter, such as the recent "Guide to investing in troubled markets"
  • The ability to help the environment by choosing paper-free communications
  • And much more!

Shareholder administration

As BT's Registrar, Equiniti manages your shareholding and can help you with many things, from changing an address to buying and selling shares.


Shareholder helpline - for general enquiries call:
Freefone 0808 100 4141
(+44 121 415 7178 from outside the UK)
Textphone 0800 169 6907
(+44 121 415 7028 from outside the UK)



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