are as important as infrastructure

Our people

You can’t manage a successful supply chain without the right people – experienced, knowledgeable and committed.

BT's Supply Chain can help improve efficiency, create greater customer satisfaction and grow your business. And at the heart of our offer to you are the people we employ: strategic leaders, day-to-day managers and frontline staff. Together they deliver a single supply chain experience.

Our teams understand that supply chain is more than a process. They understand that it’s an asset, critical to the success of the business. As such, it needs people who can think on their feet and solve problems. BT's Supply Chain has those people.

When the unexpected arises, you want to know that the first person you call is dedicated to fixing the issues you face. That’s why we employ the best people and then invest to further their careers. The reward is a strong, passionate and loyal team which wants to improve performance wherever it can.

From pick and dispatch operators to warehouse managers, engineers, consultants, futurologists, technologists, account teams and senior managers our team has the specialist skills to help your business.


 At BT's Supply Chain:

  • we have created apprentice positions within our testing and repair, and staging and configuration divisions
  • we recruit school leavers and help develop their careers
  • 20 per cent of our staff have moved into higher grade roles during the last 2 years
  • all of our managers are supported through BT’s leadership training programme
  • more than 50 per cent of the ideas that help to drive the business forward come from team members, not management
Barbara Anderson arrived at BT with three decades of supply chain management experience and a shared passion for customer service and efficiency. During her career she has worked with household name companies including Rank Xerox, Vodafone, Unilever and First Choice. And after meeting with BT Supply Chain in late 2013 she knew where she wanted to go next. “I can honestly say that I went away from that meeting thinking I really want to be part of the BT Supply Chain journey,” she recalls. In return, Barbara's extensive experience is central to BT Supply Chain's understanding of customer need. “My main priorities are building the team and working with our clients to build towards supply chain improvements that will help deliver superior customer service and process efficiency.” “We are currently on a very exciting and challenging journey,” she says.
For Grzegorz Sadowski, progression at BT Supply Chain has meant three things: greater financial security, extra day-to-day responsibilities and wider career opportunities. Grzegorz joined BT Supply Chain in 2008 as a warehouse operative. Back then he was an agency worker with, in his words, little chance to move on. Then things changed. First he was taken on as a full-time BT employee. Then he moved to the staging and configuration division and was subsequently promoted to supervisor within the same division with responsibility for training and technical issues. “Changes are happening at a fast pace in BT Supply Chain,” Grzegorz explains, “and this has given me great opportunities to progress in my career and take on extra responsibilities”
Employees like Nikoletta Major embody the spirit of development at BT Supply Chain. She began as an agency worker, employed as a pick and dispatch operator at BTSC's giant Magna Park warehouse facility. After two years in the role Nikoletta became a staging operator, part of a team responsible for pre-preparing and testing technology orders ahead of transfer to customer premises. It was there that an opportunity arose to apply for a management position. Nikoletta grabbed the chance. “I tried, I was successful and now I am an operations manager,” she recalls with a smile. “I'm really proud to work for BT and I'm really proud of myself that I'm now a manager at one of the world's leading companies,” she says.
“I joined BT as a field engineer in the telephone exchanges and moved on to become a frontline engineer visiting customer premises,” explains Dundee-based Ray Thomson. “This experience has given me a vast knowledge of the tools and equipment our engineers need, when they need it and which ones are critical to carry out their job,” says Ray. It is now Ray's job to ensure that all the equipment BT's engineers require is on the shelf and ready to be dispatched at a moment's notice. “We are always transforming how we work to meet customer requirements and this is both challenging and exciting.”