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BT at forefront of developing the Public Services

Neil Rogers

Neil Rogers said industry and government has come a long way on the PSN agenda

BT hosted a conference at which the government’s Cabinet Office presented its plans for the Public Services Network (PSN) - effectively a secure internet for the public sector.  

More than 200 people were present at the event at BT Centre in London and a further 190 joined via a webinar.

The PSN will join up national and regional organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, the NHS, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Ministry of Justice, local authorities, the police, and all agencies that deliver public services.

BT is at the forefront of the programme and is contracted to deliver PSN-ready services - including next-generation voice to video conferencing, shared contact centres, virtual data centres, and a host of innovative cloud services - to tens of thousands of end-users at hundreds of sites across the UK.

The conference gave delegates the opportunity not just to hear about PSN from the people who are delivering it, but also to question, discuss and vote on their issues and understanding of the programme and how it will affect them.

Neil Rogers, BT Global Services president for Global Government, welcomed the audience to what he said was perhaps the most comprehensive overview of PSN to date.

He said: “The broad consensus is that industry and Government has come a long way on the PSN agenda over the past 12 months.”

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Review date: 02/03/13