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World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of New Champions 2014

Tianjin, China, 10-12 September 2014
Creating Value through Innovation

Innovation is reshaping expectations about the pace and profile of future growth in the context of the global recovery. On one hand, a new era of industry advances in data analytics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience and unconventional energy is transforming business, industries and economies. On the other, societal concerns such as structural unemployment, income inequality, skills training and national competitiveness are being framed in the context of technological innovation. The challenge will be to define how innovation can generate more and better value for all - for the people we serve, the organizations we lead and the societies to which we belong.

The eighth Annual Meeting of the New Champions, the foremost global gathering on innovation, entrepreneurship, science and technology, will address this challenge under the theme Creating Value through Innovation. More than 1,500 leaders from business, government and research from over 90 countries will engage in 100-plus interactive sessions following four thematic pillars:

  • Connect: by applying the latest tools and best practices to learn and lead in a fast-paced world
  • Capitalise: By unlocking creativity and reducing complexity to increase strategic and operational agility
  • Compete: By tapping into new markets and fulfilling unmet needs
  • Contribute: By sharing how your business success drives social progress

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