Forum reports

Global_Information_Report_2013 The Global Information Technology Report, now in its 12th year,is the most comprehensive and respected international assessment of 148 economies ICT and 'network' readiness. In this latest report BT contributed a chapter on “Fibre broadband: the foundation for social and economic growth”.
connected_world This report gives an industry perspective on how the travel and transportation ecosystem can transform to meet changing customer needs as well as new mobility frontiers and technological developments by 2025 and beyond.

Future of Government To be efficient and effective in today's complex, interlinked and fast-changing environment, governments need to redesign their structures and processes to capitalize on a new set of actors and tools. In this context, the Forum has published “The Future of Government: Lessons Learned from around the World” .
Pathways The World Economic Forum developed a multistakeholder project to identify and address emerging global systemic risks arising from the increasing connectivity of people, processes and objects.

Cyber Resilience Risk and responsibility in a hyperconnected world - Principles and guidelines
More-with-Less This report focuses on how consumption can be made more sustainable through decoupling growth from environmental impact at the scale and speed required.