Forum reports

Global Risks Report 2015
This report analyses how to manage global risks effectively and build resilience to their impacts, through understanding and foreseeing the connections between risks.
Enhancing Europe's Competitiveness: Fostering Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship in Europe'
Drawing on contributions from a wide range of stakeholders, this report presents a high-level agenda to further Europe's future competitiveness and growth by encouraging new, innovation-driven and supporting entrepreneurship.

The Global Information Technology Report 2015
This year's report, under the theme “ICTs for Inclusive Growth", examines the capacity of 143 countries to leverage ICT, and provides solutions from leading experts and practitioners to alleviate digital poverty.
Future of Government Smart Toolbox
The Future of Government Smart Toolbox demonstrates how technology can enhance government performance by strengthening efforts to reduce corruption and bureaucracy and enhance political representation, service delivery, trust, leadership, security and innovation. The report highlights successful state practices from around the globe in the digital era.

Risk and Responsibility in a Hyperconnected World
Digital technology touches virtually every aspect of daily life today – social interaction, healthcare activity, political engagement and economic decision-making. This report examines our dependence on this connectivity, and the shared responsibility to address systemic risks.
Connected World Report 2014
This report proposes four solutions to provide seamless travel and transport in the future: a game changer for using intermodal travel, a future traffic management system for megacities, a new answer for visa, airport security and border control processes, and logistics optimization.