A new central business services model for BT
BT has created a new central business services (CBS) organisation to deliver superior customer service and maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

​Piloting in India, it will deliver shared services activities across BT and will be led by Sumit Mitra. Currently vice-president of BT Global Services’ contract delivery shared service (CDSS), Sumit will become managing director of CBS from 1 November.

Tony Chanmugam, BT Group finance director, said: “Creating this new group-wide organisation will simplify the way we work, and give the team a clear remit to set shared service strategy.

“It will also offer great opportunities for our talented people in India to broaden their experience and develop their careers. And by learning from the success of CDSS, Sumit and his team will have the clear accountability and ability to improve the service experience for the lines of business.”

Sumit joined BT 13 years ago through the graduate programme, and has held a variety of roles in contract management, sales and strategy.

Tony said: “Over the past three years he has designed and built CDSS into a world-class capability.”

There is no change to the BT Global Services market-facing unit in India, led by country manager Sudhir Narang, reporting to Kevin Taylor.

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