Massive rise in rugby TV viewers
Television audiences for Premiership Rugby have risen by 40 per cent following its move to BT Sport.

​Aviva Premiership Rugby recorded an average live weekend TV audience of 358,000 during its first season with the channel.

A combined season audience of 7.88m watched Premiership Rugby clubs live on BT Sport this season, compared with 6.14m for the same period last year.

Dominic Hayes, Premiership Rugby commercial director, said: “We expected to see a rise after moving our live TV coverage to BT Sport, but this increase is beyond anyone's projections. We are delighted.

“These figures, coupled with the three per cent rise in attendances this year, show that the league is stronger than ever. It has been a great season and the Aviva Premiership Rugby final on 31 May is set to be a fitting climax.

“When you look at the audience for the Aviva Premiership Rugby Highlights Show on ITV each weekend (434,000) it means almost 800,000 people are watching Premiership Rugby each weekend.

“The numbers from pubs and clubs, and through BT Sport’s app and website, are in addition to this – so the total TV audience is actually much higher."

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