Missed calls mean missed business, says BT
Customers will only try to call a company twice without getting through before taking their business elsewhere.

​New research from BT Business reveals that a fifth will only call once – and it estimates the cost of missing just one customer call is around £1,200.

It says that means the UK’s small and medium sized businesses could be losing out to the tune of around £90m by not being available to speak to potential customers.

When asked to estimate the cost of being uncontactable by phone for a full 24 hours, decision makers put the figure far higher – on average over £9,000, and in some cases as high as £20,000.

Danny Longbottom, BT Business UK SME managing director, said: “We already know from speaking to our customers that missed calls mean missed business. Companies, especially SMEs, are becoming increasingly mobile – 77 per cent offer flexible working and 45 per cent hot-desking, according to the research – so getting calls to the right person is potentially more difficult.

“No one cares about how a call is routed, especially the customer – they just want to get to speak to the right person. That’s why we’re developing innovative ways to solve the challenges around mobile working, like BT One Phone and BT Cloud Voice, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes.”

The research, which looks at people’s attitudes to making and receiving calls, confirms this need. Two-thirds of decision-makers agree that the ability to work from anywhere with the same functionality on mobiles as on desk phones would help their organisation be more productive.

And four-fifths say they spend some time out of the office, with more than half using three different devices to communicate at work.

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