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Careers in IT & Engineering

We're looking for software engineers and network designers to create and run some of the world's most advanced communications systems.

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Software engineer

Software engineering at BT is all about delivering real-time, high availability systems in areas such as TV, content delivery and mobility. As part of the Tech Plus programme, you'll get to grips with the entire software lifecycle, from design through to enhancement. You could specialise in one stage of that journey or you could take on a role that covers them all. Either way, you'll be involved in large-scale projects that will change the futures of people and businesses, around the globe.


  • Define, build and manage software environments
  • Augment existing code and develop modules from scratch
  • Rigorously test different systems and prepare them for integration
  • Answer problems in full, from identifying the issues to implementing your solutions

As a software engineer, you'll be working on systems that touch the lives of thousands or, in some cases, millions of people. That could involve anything, from creating cyber-defence solutions for major televised events to working on big data analytics.

Network designer

The networks we build have become an integral part of people's lives, in ways you might never have imagined, from facilitating global trade to transforming the way we watch sports. In fact, there's a good chance that you're using one of them right now.

As one of our network designers you'll create end-to-end solutions that enable communications, worldwide. That ranges from research and analysis through to configuration and testing. Working side-by-side with specialists in communications, electronics and information technology, our Tech Plus programme will allow you to develop and integrate the complex networks that underpin our day-to-day activities. You'll solve concrete problems that impact us today, but you'll also work on the unknown scenarios that could define our future.

What you'll need to join us

To us, innovation means more than just thinking of new ideas – it means bringing them to life. That's what we look for in our people: the ambition and ability to turn an original thought into unique products and services. If you share our vision and have the knowledge and skills to realise it, there's a place for you here. If you enjoy learning new things and you want to continue that journey, we can show you the way forward.

We're more than a business. We're a community. We work best when we work together, so we also look for people who will fit in with our culture.

We're looking people who:

  • Thrive on collaboration
  • Aim to lead
  • Share our knowledge
  • Embrace change
  • Take ownership of projects

We also value diversity and inclusion, so we invite applications from individuals regardless of background, university and degree course.

Software engineers

  • Up to two years' experience working as an apprentice, graduate or junior level developer
  • Analytical skills and logical reasoning
  • A passion for software

Network designers

  • Up to two years' experience working as an apprentice, graduate or junior level network designer or engineer
  • Strong judgement and an analytical approach
  • A thorough understanding of what a network is and how to put one together
  • Software skills

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