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FAQs - The programme

1. How many apprentices does BT recruit?

During 2019 we expect to recruit 3000 apprentices.

2. What is the difference between an intermediate, advanced, higher and full degree apprenticeship?

    • Intermediate
      • You’ll work towards a Level 2 qualification through work-based learning whilst also achieving functional skills
    • Advanced
      • You’ll work towards a Level 3 NVQ through work-based learning, which is supported by a knowledge based qualification such as a BTEC
    • Higher
      • You’ll work towards Level 4 through work-based learning which is consolidated by the achievement of a foundation degree.
    • Full degree
      • You’ll work towards our work-based learning degree qualification.

3. How long does the apprenticeship last?

The length of the apprenticeships we offer will depend on the programme and the level of qualification you are working towards. This can range from 12 months to 4 years.

4. Can I continue my college course while doing the apprenticeship?

All of our apprentice programmes are full time; 37.5 hours per week. So unless you are able to fit the college course around your working hours, this may not be possible.

5. What does the apprenticeship involve?

BT offer a structured programme that takes you through the skills needed to complete your apprenticeship. Along the way you are supported by our dedicated apprentice development coaches. As most of the time is spent in the workplace, the majority of training takes place on the job. However, a few of our apprenticeships do have additional training taking place at a local college or a specialist training organisation. The outcome of this blended learning method will be a vocational qualiļ¬cation which will help you succeed in your job and progress in your future career.

6. How is my progress monitored?

Your performance will be reviewed against your personal and team objectives. You have regular meetings with your manager and your dedicated apprentice coach to discuss your development. You’ll also be working towards a professional qualification and progress will be monitored through course work and exams.

7. What is the starting salary?

This will vary depending on the particular level or programme that you are offered. Salaries start at £16,179 per annum. You can confirm the salary if you are invited to an assessment centre and it will be clearly shown in the contract we send you if you secure an apprenticeship with us. Increases are determined by your performance against set milestones throughout the apprenticeship.

8. What will happen at the end of my apprenticeship?

At the end of your apprenticeship you will graduate from your apprenticeship and continue your career with BT.