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Two-year graduate programme

Role profile

Our networks team are passionate technical specialists. By joining this programme you’ll become part of a team who pride themselves on being experts in their field, only ever deploying robust solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Networks teams are responsible for designing, building, testing and operating fixed and mobile network solutions across the globe. Working together with technical innovators in communications, electronics and information technology you’ll carry out a range of development and integration activities which underpin our network platforms and services.

In turn you’ll be providing a reliable service to our customers, designing and delivering network solutions and interacting with customers as a specialist consultant. You’ll get involved in a range of technologies and your role will be pivotal in transforming our network platforms and services.

Over the course of the programme you’ll build up your knowledge and skills to ensure you become a real expert in your field. Your manager will work alongside you to make sure you’re focussing on the right projects to help build your experience.

You should have a good working knowledge of IP networks, protocols and network components, with the ability to communicate complex concepts in a simple way.


Ipswich, Bristol, London, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and Cheltenham. Some locations are more popular than others, so if you’re invited to an assessment centre and your preference is no longer available we'll talk you through your options.

Entry requirements

A 2.1 in a relevant STEM subject. We’ll also accept a 2.2 with a relevant postgraduate qualification. Due to the nature of the work we do some of our networks roles may require security clearance.

Starting salary


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