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Two-year graduate programme

Role profile

Are you interested in developing and operating software systems that support customers across the entire world? And in being part of a team that’s responsible for turning software concepts into a reality?

Our Software Graduate Programme focusses on designing, testing and operating systems that are used to deliver vital services for our customers, varying from large, multinational corporations to individuals using our products and services at home.

With such a wide range of projects on the go you can be sure you’ll gain well-rounded knowledge and experience. You’ll also have the chance to work on some large, highly visible projects with the opportunity to innovate. And we’ll work with you to make sure you’re developing your strengths and interests, building solid foundations for a great career.

We’re looking for people with a passion for software and an understanding of the entire software lifecycle. You’ll require great analytical skills and logical reasoning along with a curious nature with an eagerness to innovate. If successful we’ll look to place you in an area that plays to your strengths; for example, software coding or a technical role with a strong customer focus.

Because of the nature of the work we do some of our software roles will require security clearance.


Bristol, Ipswich, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Cheltenham and Birmingham. Some locations are more popular than others, so if you’re invited to an assessment centre and your preference is no longer available we'll talk you through your options.

Entry requirements

A 2.1 in a relevant STEM subject. We’ll also accept a 2.2 with a relevant postgraduate qualification.

Starting salary


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