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Career development

Tap into your potential

We want you to have every chance to achieve your full potential. That's why at BT, opportunities to grow and develop don't just come along at the beginning - they're a feature of your entire career.

From the word go, we'll help you plan your development so you can succeed in your job today and progress in your career.

Plus, you'll have coaching, networking, mentoring and knowledge-sharing to give you all the help and guidance you need.

In an organisation as big and complex as this, there's a plenty of opportunities on offer. Of course, it's up to you to make the most of them. But once you set your direction, our Academy has the tools and resources you need to achieve your career goals – whatever you want to do.

The Academy

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At BT we never stop learning.

Learning is how we adapt to a changing world. It's what allows us to rise to the challenges of tomorrow. And it happens in lots of different ways.

Our Academy brings together different ways of learning for all BT people. It's a way for you to continuously develop your skills and career, and provides tools, programmes and communities to help you connect, learn and grow.

A lot of our learning happens on the job, and from other people. We also learn from formal coaching and traditional training.

We'll help you to learn from people who do similar jobs to you, and to give you access to recommended resources and the latest learning events.

Social media is a great way to learn from other people. We're a massive organisation, and it's full of helpful, knowledgeable people. You can set up a profile online, have public conversations with anybody in the company. You can also use it to search for people with specialist knowledge, and find out who knows what.

The Academy groups people who have similar jobs, skills and experience. We call these professions. It doesn't matter whereabouts in the world you work, or which line of business you're in, your profession is a community where you can connect, learn and grow, supported by tools, methods and best practice.

Professional bodies

For jobs that have a relevant professional body associated with them, we run a number of accredited company schemes including:

  • The Institute of Electrical Engineers
  • The British Computer Society, who recently awarded us its Information Systems Quality at Work award
  • We're also a Quality Partner of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

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