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Digital impact & sustainability

We're using the power of communications to make a better world – a world where people are prepared for the challenges that tomorrow brings. Our strategy is to focus on the UK and global challenges that we can make the most meaningful contribution to through our technology, our reach and our people.

This means

  • Building better digital lives for our customers and employees, giving everyone access to the digital skills they need and supporting good causes
  • Championing human and digital rights, keeping people safe and secure online, whilst protecting privacy and freedom of expression
  • Tackling climate change and environmental challenges with a sector-leading approach to climate change, with a target for net zero emissions by 2045.

If you want to get a feel of how working here can make a real difference to the world around us, watch this film.

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Everyone at BT can play their part to help - whether it's by getting people online, working for the environment, supporting good causes or volunteering in the community.

By joining us you can:

  • Work on providing products and services that make a real difference to society
  • Share your ideas which can make the world a better place
  • Get up to three days volunteering a year during working hours
  • Become an energy & environment champion – we have over 10,000 across the globe
  • Help 10 million socially disadvantaged people access better healthcare, learning or employment opportunities

Want to know more? Visit our Digital impact & sustainability site for the detail.

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