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5 perks of working as a Grad at BT

There’s a bunch of benefits you’ll receive working at BT, and by joining one of our grad schemes you’ll be able to get your hands on all of them. Here’s a flavour of what life at BT could be like as a grad …

1. Competitive Salary

Gone are the days of rationing on Pot Noodles so you can afford that society night out. At BT our competitive and rewarding salaries will stretch a lot further than your student loan did, promise!


2. Free Broadband!

You can still binge watch your favourite shows, just without the cost of broadband. In addition to that, if you can scrape a couple of quid from your salary you can enjoy BT TV and BT Sport at hugely discount rates.

Free Broadband

3. Discretionary 10% performance-related bonus

On top of that cushty salary you can potentially enjoy a discretionary 10% performance related bonus once a year –that jammy student who rarely turned up to class and still got top marks wouldn’t be able to get away with that here…

Discretionary Bonus 

4. Invest in some shares

Soften the blow of your student debt and invest into the Sharesave scheme where you’ll have the opportunity to buy shares with BT. In 15 years’ time Asda Smart Price could be a distant memory.

Invest in shares 

5. Discounts to be had

Student or not, we all love a good bargain and certainly enjoy discounted prices - those yellow labels will always catch your eye. We offer discounts from other companies on anything from cinema tickets to the latest tech and gadgets. Handy.


Fancy yourself some of the many benefits we offer our Grads and employees at BT? We will be opening for applications this autumn on our Graduate site and follow us on our early career's social channels @BTEarlyCareers