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A day in life of a HR Graduate - Gillian

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a graduate here at BT? We caught up with HR Graduate - Gillian, to get the inside scoop on how her typical day at BT shapes up. Here’s what she had to say…

'I’m an early bird so I get up about 6am. During the summer I normally go for a run before work. I’m not quite as brave during the winter and swap running for the gym! I then travel by Metro from Newcastle out to the BT office in South Shields which takes about half an hour.

The office at South Shields sits on the Riverside overlooking the port. The Disney Cruise ship was there a few weeks ago - it was hard to miss with Disney songs playing from the speakers! The Amsterdam ferry comes in each morning as I arrive at work so it’s a good way to check I’m running on time!

As soon as I’m through the office doors of a morning my first stop is the coffee machine (essential!). I thenread through my emails and write my to-do list for the day. It sounds like a cliché but every day at BT is different. I have few projects that I’m working on and normally have meetings with different stakeholders across the business. I always have a catch up with my manager to get advice on what I’m working on and general chat. As a grad, there’s loads to get involved with in addition to your job role. Working as part of a group of grads, I am organising ‘Gradventure’ 2018 which will see 100 grads complete a tough physical challenge to help reach our ambitious fundraising target of £30,000 for the BT Charity Partners.

When it comes to being surprised at BTthe vast scope of innovative work BT is involved with was definitely not something I expected when I initially applied. I didn’t realise until I started just how much of my everyday life BT is linked to - from the network infrastructure that provides us with our home broadband, work with our 999 service and research that will lead technology in the future.

Leadership week is definitely the grad scheme’s biggest and best kept secret! At the end of the week you’re asked not to ruin the surprise for those who’ve still to complete the course. You might try to probe previous grads for information but in the end you’ll thank them for not telling you! Leadership week is an excellent example of the investment BT puts into developing its Graduates. It will teach you a lot about yourself and your strengths, as well as how you can use these as a leader. Plus you get to meet other grads from across the business and have a lot of fun!

I’ve had such an exciting first year on the grad programme that it’s hard to pick a favourite moment of the whole experience. I’ve made some amazing friends since joining the grad programme and love being able to share the opportunities we’ve had as grads.

It’s not all just about work though - I’m a social butterfly so most of my free time is spent with friends - going for dinner, to the cinema and nights out! I’ve made a lot of friends at BT through the scheme too, so this has been a real perk. If I’m not out with friends I can normally be found binging on Netflix series’ – Mad Men and Power are my current addictions!'

'If I was going to give one piece of advice to someone applying for the graduate scheme it would be to just go for it…You’ll definitely surprise yourself with what you can achieve here at BT. There it is – my working day at BT!'

Sound good to you? Here at BT, we have loads of exciting and challenging graduate opportunities for you to choose from, as well as a committed team of mentors dedicated to putting you on the path to career success. Learn more about our schemes today and find out where your skillset fits into the mix with us. It’s time to create the future…

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