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Being a Female Engineer: The Best Bits

Today, it's International Women in Engineering Day, And while our Gender Equality Network are hosting a virtual talk on smashing the glass ceiling, we wanted to celebrate some of our engineers and the amazing work they do.

We spoke to some of the amazing women we have working in engineering roles here at BT who told us the best bits about being a female engineer.

"I think women bring a great, different perspective to the engineers and look at things very differently" 


 Beverley Barnett, Area Manager, East Anglia

"Engineering is a great place to start your career. It shows that you have a technical understanding of the line of work you’re going in to. Plus, it helps me stay flexible for my family life"


Louise Kelly, Customer Service Engineer

"When I saw an opportunity… I thought ‘we can’t leave all the exciting roles for the boys’ so I decided to go for it"


Helen Phillips, EES Patch Leader

"When people ask my 5 year old daughter what do you want to be when you grow up she says “I want to be like Mommy.” I’m inspiring my own girls and I didn’t even know it"

Jennifer Castaneda

Jennifer Castanenda, Senior Field Engineer 

"Most places you’re limited to doing your job, whereas being an engineer in Openreach, there’s loads of opportunities for you"


Katy Fishwick, Openreach Engineer 

Inspired to join these fantastic women? Why not find out more about careers in Openreach, across our Engineering and Technology functions or our Apprenticeship programmes.