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Why London is the Nations go to City for Women in Tech

It’s no secret that London has long been at the epicentre of emerging technologies and digital advances in the UK. In fact, the British capital has a history of being one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. London is a big winner when it comes to multimedia design and digital proficiency – and is becoming an even bigger winner when it comes to advancing the careers of women in tech. Here are just a few reasons why more and more career driven women are heading to the capital in search of their dream tech job...

1. Silicon Roundabout

You may not have realised it, but London has its very own version of the infamous Silicon Valley – dubbed the Silicon Roundabout. This is the third largest tech start up zone on the globe, having attracted the world’s most successful tech companies, a lot of whom have set up crucial research labs and innovation hubs within the Central and East London areas. Every year the city also plays host to the ‘Women of Silicon Roundabout’ conference - an event created to connect and inspire women throughout the country who work within the tech sector.

2. Stimulating statistics

According to research disclosed during London Technology Week – the city’s tech and digital community offers the best opportunities for British women in digital roles, with 40% of the entire country’s female tech workforce employed in the capital. Another survey of over 3700 working professionals across Britain by tech recruitment firm, Mortimer Spinks, also concluded that London is the prime location within the UK for women to start up a business of their own. Further statistics revealed that women tech workers in London are 2.5 times more likely to work for a tech start up than the rest of their UK counterparts. Impressive stuff. 

3. A whole week of tech

London Technology Week is a fantastic annual opportunity to celebrate the possibilities and new advances in technology that companies hold for all Londoners - cutting across age, background and in particular gender. There are an abundance of activities for women to get involved with here, with thought provoking talks aimed at motivating and encouraging women to continue to make real progress within the tech industry. Previous talks held at London Tech Week have included the TLA Women in Tech event, just one of the many happenings aimed specifically at women in the industry, allowing them to network and share ideas.

4. An even brighter future

Last year, the Mayor of London – Sadiq Khan spoke of his commitment to reversing the underrepresentation of women within the tech industry and how he plans to work on further opening up the tech sector, making more jobs accessible.

“Although the technology sector is flourishing, it is vital that we actively encourage more girls to work in digital and tech to reverse the under-representation of women in this industry. Our current female tech pioneers are the role models for the next generation and as the father of two teenage girls, I want them to have the same opportunities and aspirations. I am determined to work hand-in-hand with individuals and employers like these to nurture more young female entrepreneurs that will contribute to London’s economic prosperity.

If this is anything to go by, the future for women in technology is certainly looking exciting….

Here at BT, we’re proud to promote diversity and equality when it comes to our job offerings and graduate opportunities. We’re certainly aware of the problems when it comes to under presentation of women in the technology sector – and we’re determined to make huge progress and changes when it comes to the roles women play within the digital industry. That’s why we created the BT Tech Women’s Network, in order to promote the importance of women within technology based roles. Our initiative aims for 30% of all executive level roles to be held by women by 2020 – a goal we’re certainly on track to achieve!

To find out more about how you can become a woman in technology, visit our Early Careers website today. It’s time to add your skillset to the movement of women who are reshaping the technological landscape, with the help of BT. Also check out our 2018 Graduate programmes which are now open and our 5 perks of working as a grad in BT.