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Making our supply chains more sustainable

23 December 2015

We’re happy to announce we’re working with Sagemcom to test and roll-out the Sustainability Assessor tool from BT’s Better Future Supplier Forum.

The Sustainability Assessor lets suppliers measure their own sustainability practices against the best companies in the world. And we’re delighted Sagemcom, who manufacture BT Home Hub, have agreed to be the first company to pilot it.

Set up in 2012, the award-winning BT Better Supplier Future Forum is focused on driving innovation in sustainable business practices.

supply chains more sustainable

The Sustainability Assessor is made up of seven steps that asks the supplier questions on their sustainability measures, and then compares the answers against existing best practices.

As well as this it recommends how the supplier can improve its business practices and gain competitive advantage over its rivals through an improved reputation as a good corporate citizen.

From January 2016, Sagemcom will be running the pilot with some of its own suppliers to test the Assessor’s results against their own knowledge of the companies.

Erik Raphael, Director BT Devices and BT WiFi, said: “This is a very exciting and important development that moves us a step closer towards ensuring supply chains around the world are embracing the most sustainable business practices possible. The Sustainability Assessor means we can extend the benefit and learnings of the Better Future Supplier Forum even further into our supply chain. This simple tool helps suppliers measure just how sustainable they are compared with the best in the world.”

Florian Tremblay, Sustainable Development Expert at Sagemcom, said: ”This will be an important final stage in the Assessor’s development, and Sagemcom is pleased to collaborate with BT to ensure that the finished tool is as accurate and effective as possible.”

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