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Find out about our commitment to inclusion, how to track orders and report faults, and how to get information in alternative formats.

BT and inclusion 

We want to make sure our products and services are available to everyone. That's why we’ve made this website – and all our products and services – as accessible as possible, so they're easy to use.

We’re proud of our long history of providing services for people with an age-related impairment or a disability. We’re committed to helping all of our customers make the most of our products and services, and overcome communication challenges wherever we can. That’s why we’re passionate about inclusive design. When we create a new product or service, we focus on making it as useable as possible for as many people as possible.

This means lots of our products can be used by any of our customers, regardless of ability. Our phones, like the Big Button and Converse models, have been very popular for many years.

We’ve provided our bills in different ways for more than 20 years – and more recently on audio CD – and we also make information about our services available in a range of different formats, like large print and Braille and now some ebooks.

When we design our websites (like this one), we make sure we follow the latest accessibility guidelines. We were the first major UK company to provide information on our website in British Sign language (BSL) and to offer our customers the option of contacting our customer services in BSL.

We'll carry on finding new ways to help improve people’s lives through technology. Watch a video on how Rob, a BT volunteer, is making a difference to the elderly and socially isolated

The Customer Inclusion Leadership Panel

We like to talk to our customers and their representatives about what we do and how we can do it better.

We set up our Customer Inclusion Leadership Panel in 2011. It’s made up of experts on ageing and disability who give us independent advice and guidance on inclusion. Panel members scrutinise our activities, making sure that we include rather than exclude – and that we tackle the tough issues. Their advice helps us make better policies and products.

Panel members are:

Paul Farmer, CEO MIND
Phil Friend OBE FRSA, Phil & Friends Ltd
Dr Lorraine Gailey, CEO Hearing Link
David Sinclair, Director ILC-UK
Nigel Lewis, CEO AbilityNet
Harry Meade, Corporate Partnerships, RNIB
Kate Nash OBE, Kate Nash Associates
James Partridge OBE, CEO Changing Faces

Read more about what our panel of experts says about working with us over the past year.

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