Setting up your phone

We've brought together some tips on how to set up and get the most out of your new BT phone.

Getting started with your phone

Here are some other general tips to help you get the most from your phone – whichever one you choose:

  • try not to keep your phone on a mat or other soft surface, as this can muffle the ringer
  • think about where your phone would be most convenient. If the phone line doesn’t reach to where you want to put the phone, you can use an extension cable to let you move it to the best place. But be careful not the put the cable where you might trip over it
  • some phones can be wall mounted. This might be helpful if you have difficulty bending down
  • if you choose a cordless phone, its battery will need to be charged regularly. So remember to put it back in its base at the end of the day (or straight after you’ve used it, if you prefer).

Choosing the right phone

Whatever your situation, our phones can help. Some have bigger buttons you can press more easily, others let you record your conversations or block nuisance calls. And there are loads more great features, too. Find out more about our phones. If you're not sure which phone would be best, why not visit one of our Try Before You Buy centres?

Getting more from your phone 

We can help you do a lot more with your phone than just make calls. BT’s calling features can take messages for you, help you see who's calling before you answer, and more.

More ways to help you

There might be other ways BT services can help you, too – for instance, if you have a fault with your phone line, or if you can’t pay your bill because of a stay in hospital. Find out about other services available from BT.

Documents & downloads

A complete list of our helpful guides as pdfs or ebooks.

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