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15 May 2015

Nebula Systems win BT’s automotive innovation showcase competition

Nebula Systems win BT’s automotive innovation showcase competition

A unique cloud based vehicle diagnostics system is the winning entry in the latest BT Innovation Showcase competition.

UK-based Nebula Systems submitted a telematics solution called MECH5 that revolutionizes the way diagnostics and repairs are performed on modern vehicles.

And soon customers will be able to see this cutting edge technology in action. A new showcase, dedicated to innovation in and around the world of vehicles, will be displayed at BT’s research and development headquarters at Adastral Park in Ipswich.

Technology roaring into action

The system works by using a small on-board diagnostics device that plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic socket and hooks up securely to the MECH5 cloud.

Individuals can then access a multitude of information contained within the vehicle’s computer systems, wirelessly and remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Which means that now both professional mechanics and car owners can carry out in-depth analysis of a vehicle’s electronic systems using their smartphone, tablet or laptop like never before.

Exceptional contribution

Rob Hull, VP consumer and networks scouting for BT Technology, Service & Operations said: “The judging panel saw MECH5 as making an exceptional and unique contribution to vehicle innovation and we’re looking forward to developing this relationship and uncovering more exciting advances around the connected car.”

Nebula Systems CEO, Andrew Steer said: “We’re extremely proud of MECH5, it really empowers people to find out for themselves what’s wrong with their vehicle in a very simple and accessible way. Winning this competition and getting to work with BT means we can reach more people. Which is great news.”

BT promoted the competition through the Autotech Council, a Silicon Valley based organisation that helps innovation in the auto industry get to market faster.

Leading the way

BT has long been at the forefront of development in innovation and each year welcomes around 2500 business customers to the showcases at Adastral Park, representing a significant part of BT’s customer contact programme for new wave business.

The showcases give visitors the chance to not only hear about BT’s capabilities, but to see, touch and feel them through live personalised demonstrations.