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23 December 2014

Winners of BT Infinity Lab competition announced

Winners of BT Infinity Lab competition announced

Smart customer query resolution system CogniCor, and PixelPin, a revolutionary web security and authentication tool, have been named winners of the latest BT Infinity Lab competition.

The two companies have been recognised as outstanding innovators in the world of customer service.

Cognicore’s Intelligent Resolution Assistant (CIRA) is the world’s first automated resolution system for enterprises. It brings the power of artificial intelligence to customer service so that queries and complaints can be managed and resolved more efficiently.

Company founder Sindhu Joseph created CogniCor after airlines lost her luggage once too often and consistently failed to offer an explanation or solution. Cognicor was built using technology that Sinhu developed during her PhD at the Spanish Institute of Artificial Intelligence.

Power to the customer

Said Sindhu: “CogniCor believes in delivering consistent and instant issue experience by empowering customers and customer service reps with intelligence at their fingertips. The award gives us a unique opportunity to realise that vision for BT customers.”

PixelPin’s cyber security software replaces traditional passwords with personal pictures, which the user ‘unlocks’ by tapping specific points on an image – these can be uploaded and changed at any time. It’s an effective and secure access control tool based on the fact that people remember pictures better than letters and numbers.

Founder Brian’s Taylor’s inspiration came from a consultancy work he was doing with the Metropolitan Police. He saw how difficult the police officers found memorising their randomly created, fifteen character passwords – which they needed to change once a month. Many officers resorted to writing down their new passwords.

Juhi Gore, head of business development at PixelPin said: “We are excited to be working with BT on innovative initiatives to boost customer experience and make authentication easy, engaging and accessible for their consumers and business customers.”

Developing great services

Will Pryke, BT head of Infinity Lab said: “We want to help UK businesses understand their customers, develop great services and simplify customer interaction processes while allowing customers to remain in control of their lives. Both Cognicore and PixelPin put forward examples of how their ideas and innovations are doing just that.”

The Infinity Lab competitions, held in conjunction with TechHub, seek to identify and support start-up businesses who are using the power of communications to make a better world.

Winners of awards pick up a prize package including support and mentoring from BT and TechHub.