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Making bus stops more talkative 

6 January 2016

More informative bus stops are just one of the ideas being developed as part of the CityVerve Project in Manchester.

We’re developing talking bus stops. It’s part of a new initiative in Manchester.

We’re a member of a consortium that’s won a Government-led £10m competition to develop and roll out new future city services in Manchester over the next two years. The CityVerve Project.

One idea planned is the use of sensors, wi-fi and speakers to make bus stops more informative. To tell bus operators how many passengers are waiting. And to tell people when the next bus is coming. The spoken interface will enhance accessibility to information for the visually impaired and other users.

Internet of Things

Another idea is to create a network of sensors in parks and along commuter routes to urge people to do more exercise. There are also plans for smart lighting near public transport, to make night travel safer and discourage car use.

Dr John Davies, BT Technology, Service & Operations Chief Researcher says all the services will use technologies collectively known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Through our world-class research teams we’re also involved in a number of other entries for similar competitions in other cities,” he says. “And we’re already working with government and other partners on various IoT projects, including the MK Smart initiative in Milton Keynes and Hypercat.

“As IoT gathers momentum, we’ll continue to play a leading role in its growth and development. Whether it’s through research, collaboration or developing exciting and productive new products and services.”

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