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We’re helping remote Colombian communities access essential online services 

2 March 2016

We’re connecting 591 new Vive Digital kiosks (Kioscos Vive Digital) across the country. These kiosks will be located in rural parts of Colombia and will allow people living in these remote areas to connect to the internet, access e-learning and e-training services as well as a range of online public services.

We will partner with Colombian company INRED to deliver this initiative and provide the learning and training applications, as well as the ICT education and skills required to make this beneficial to the community, and we will supply the satellite connectivity and related technology services.

Vive Digital promotes the creation of an ambitious digital ecosystem through the mass use of the Internet in order to reduce poverty and create jobs.

Accessing internet in Columbia

We’ve contributed to the Colombian Government’s efforts to reduce the country’s digital divide since 2004, initially as part of the Compartel programme, which was replaced by Vive Digital in 2010. The programmes have already delivered significant benefits in terms of new infrastructure and business opportunities across the country. They also made a significant social impact in terms of cost savings, job opportunities and improved productivity for the users. According to recent BT research, 200,000 kiosk users - local farmers, unemployed, job seekers, students and community members – benefited from the programme to the extent of an estimated £1.8 million per annum between 2013 and 2015.

Bas Burger, President, BT Americas, said, “We are very proud to be able to help Colombia build stronger communities through the power of our technology and the commitment of our people. We share the same vision as the Colombian Government regarding the positive impact that information technology can make on the lives of individuals, local communities, and to society as a whole.”

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