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BT’s key role in fight against Ebola

21 January 2015

BT donated satellite equipment is helping aid agencies and healthcare teams fight Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Point-to-point links shipped from the UK are now being used to extend the reach of BT’s existing satellite (VSAT) capability at the SOS Children’s Village in Bo, Sierra Leone, already supported through BT’s Connecting Africa infrastructure.

Some of the links will also be used directly by the UN’s World Food Programme, providing connectivity for a number of non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Ebola nurses

Anna Easton, programme director for Connected Society, said: “The equipment is being used in the southern city of Bo to connect healthcare workers at a number of Ebola treatment centres and two other NGOs who work with orphan children.”

Thanking BT for its help, Benoni Williams, national IT co-ordinator for SOS, Sierra Leone, said: “Within the first three days of getting the internet working for the Ebola units we registered 41 users on the BT network and we expect to have as many as 200 registered within two weeks.”

Thousands of hygiene kits containing hand gel, masks and gloves – donated by BT have also been distributed to staff at hospitals and schools in the capital Freetown and surrounding areas.

BT has also helped raise millions of pounds to fight the deadly virus in Africa. More than £6.3m in online and mobile donations from members of the public – as well as around £135,000 through the Band Aid 30 single – have been handled by the BT MyDonate platform.

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