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We’re recruiting over 100 new engineers in Scotland 

24 June 2015

To celebrate National Women in Engineering Day, we’ve announced we’ll be boosting our army of frontline engineers in Scotland by taking on another 112 recruits.

Openreach woman engineer

They’ll join Openreach to install new lines, fix faults and help bring high-speed fibre broadband to homes and businesses across the country.

We’re looking for engineers in locations spread across the whole of Scotland, from Orkney and Oban to Greenock and Galashiels, with a third of the posts based in the Highlands and Islands and North East Scotland.

Fraser Rowberry, general manager of Openreach in Scotland, said: “Millions of Scots depend on our services and rely on us to keep them connected. Across the UK, we plan to recruit around 500 more frontline engineers this year, as well as apprentices and graduates. I’m delighted such a high proportion of this recruitment will be in Scotland.

“They will help to keep Openreach at the forefront of connecting Scotland now and for the future, helping it to be a great place to live and do business.”

Openreach has a workforce of around 2,800 in Scotland, mostly frontline engineers, looking after a national network including some 2.3 million lines.

Fraser added: “We’re looking for people who can connect with customers, enjoy being out and about and are willing to get stuck in. They’ll help build and maintain our network infrastructure and deliver fibre products and services into homes and offices. These are high quality posts which offer engineers the chance of a fantastic career in a fast-paced, constantly evolving industry regardless of their background or gender.”

We’re keen to attract more women into the workforce, supporting the Scottish Government’s aspiration to encourage greater female participation in ICT and technology roles.

Fiona MacDonald, a customer service engineer based on Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides, said: “The best bit of the job is finding an answer to a problem, fixing a line and making sure when you leave that customer they are not going to have to see you again. People just want to have a really good service and that’s what I want to give them.”

Recruitment for the new roles is open now and people interested in applying for the posts should visit our careers site.