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Boot camps get top marks

1 August 2017 

Five one-day workshops over four days were organised in Warrington, Newcastle and London before schools broke up for summer. Each event hosted up to 30 students aged 14-15 from a different school or college.

It was the culmination of a busy academic year for us. We’ve run 35 boot camps at seven locations for 930 young people.

Boot camps

Our boot camps help young people become more confident when thinking about future careers, applying for jobs and attending interviews. They also focus on tech literacy by encouraging them to get active with tech.

Alison Morris, BT Tech Literacy and Education Design Manager says: “We talked about skills, values and interests, what makes everyone unique and how this can have an impact on your career choices.

“Our volunteers gave each student a short interview followed by helpful feedback. Each workshop ended with a digital product challenge. Students worked in teams to propose ways that technology can improve everyday products.”

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