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We've launched Barefoot's Big Digital Summer School

As part of our Tech Literacy programme, we’ve been working with the British Computer Society and other partners to support the Barefoot Computing programme.

Barefoot Computing is helping primary schoolteachers fire their pupils’ imaginations. From programming games and coding animations, to learning how to create algorithms that could one day shape our tech-focused future, our Barefoot volunteers have been showcasing lesson plans to teachers at schools across the UK.

Digital Summer School

With the summer holidays approaching, we’ve launched Barefoot’s Big Digital Summer School.

It’s full of teaching resources to help primary school teachers get to grips with Barefoot’s easy-to-teach and fun-to-do activities. And it’s free.

Liz Williams, Director Tech Literacy and Education programmes says: “Teachers tell us they love Barefoot. But we know there are lots of teachers out there who’ve yet to discover it.

“Barefoot’s Big Digital Summer School is designed to raise its profile and help teachers get confident in their ability to bring computer science into their teaching in the new school year.”

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