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Experts top tips for a more tech literate UK

25 November 2015

Take a look at the insights from our recent BT Tower event.

Technology is reshaping how we work, play, socialise, think, learn and govern. How well we’re able to harness its power will be one of the most pressing challenges we face over the coming years. That’s why building a culture of tech literacy matters – for individuals, the economy and society. So how can we get it right for the next generation?

It’s a big question, since almost all jobs now require some level of tech skills. So we gathered a range of leading players from the worlds of tech, business, government, parenting and education at a special event in the BT Tower to channel their knowledge and crowdsource some possible solutions.

Top tips for a more tech literate UK

The experts’ insights are captured in a landmark, government-endorsed report released today. Here are their top ten practical ideas on making the UK more tech literate in three major areas – school, work and culture.

1) Make it relevant, make it real – get pupils using classroom tech to tackle the real-world problems they face in their daily lives, to help them see how relevant these skills are to their futures.

2) Transform teaching through tech – create a course that helps teachers use tech to transform lessons and learning outcomes in all subjects.

3) Pupils, parents and teachers together – develop a simple app to allow schools, parent, teachers and kids to communicate directly, to improve pupils’ performance and tailor learning support.

4) Hero good practice – help schools understand what ‘good’ looks like in terms of ‘right access to technology’ by establishing national minimum standards, supported with independent guidance.

5) Tech careers campaign – bring alive the vast mix of careers that tech knowledge can lead to through a high profile campaign drawing on celebrity role models.

6) Tech careers curriculum – bring major employers and teachers together to help ensure that the curriculum equips young people to seize real opportunities in the future jobs market.

7) Year in Tech – create a ‘year in tech’ open to all 16 year olds modelled on the ‘year in industry’, to give kids exposure to a variety of tech jobs and experiences.

8) ‘Young Tech Pioneer of the Year’ Awards – launch a new awards programme to inspire both girls and boys to see how technology can be used to meet real needs.

9) Families together for tech – develop fun learning courses for younger children to do together with their parents, to share the potential for everyday tech to make and create.

10) Box of Tech Tricks – a national, industry-led initiative to provide the resources needed for kids to explore, dismantle, fix and rebuild without fear of ‘breaking’ their devices.

We have a long term commitment to build a culture of tech literacy for the nation, and we are planning to take forward a range of the experts’ ideas – partnering up with likeminded organisations where possible. Keep checking for new announcements and activities over the coming months!

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