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Student hothouse helps us brainstorm virtual reality

25 April 2016

We’ve been giving 100 students a taste of virtual reality (VR). And they’ve been telling us how to use it.

Our innovations team ran a hothouse for 100 students from the Woodbridge Independent School in Suffolk. It was a brainstorming session to develop new ideas we may use in the future.

The students, aged 16 and 17, were organised into ten teams. Each team was supported by a BT volunteer.

Student hothouse

“To inspire them, we took them around our Adastral Park showcase,” says Darren Lewis, BT’s principal innovation consultant in Technology, Service & Operations. “Then we asked them to think of new or novel ideas for VR headsets and 360-degree video.”

Each team had a headset to try out. And a headset was the prize for the winners, Endoscopy. The team came up with the idea of using a 360-degree camera as a kind of endoscope that could be used to examine places that are difficult to access. Areas in mines, factories, warehouses and other work spaces. It could help analysts solve problems more easily.

Darren says: “The event gave us valuable insights into what young people, the customers and innovators of the future, are thinking.

“And the school’s head of business studies Janine Wright asked them to remember our hothouse because, when they look back, they’ll see they were at the start of the VR revolution. Just as she remembers getting her first colour TV.”

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