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Our Work Ready programme goes international

13 October 2017

The scheme gives schoolchildren a hands-on experience of what it takes to thrive in jobs powered by technology.

We launched Work Ready in the UK in 2014 as part of our Tech Literacy strategy. More than 2,000 young people have since started placements in over 60 locations.

Now, our volunteer teams have successfully delivered Work Ready pilots at schools in Kuala Lumpur and Bangalore. BT TSO Business Manager Lucy Pinkstone and BT CIO Group Operations Director Craig Wells were excited to take part in the first sessions.

Work Ready students in Kuala Lumpur

Lucy says: “After working closely with the Tech Literacy team, we recognised we have the skills and capabilities to make a difference and roll out this programme globally.

“Working with our volunteer champions, our teams worked incredibly hard to adapt the UK content of Work Ready for the schools and the needs of students in both Malaysia and India.

“In the countries where we operate, the transition from school to work can take many forms, and this presents different challenges. For example, in India the challenge is to keep children in education for longer.”

Our volunteers in Kuala Lumpur are already working to engage more schools with Work Ready and to help newly-qualified graduates search for their first job. And our teams in Bangalore are looking to extend the programme to more schools there.

Liz Williams, BT Director of Tech Literacy and Education says: “Everyone involved has done a brilliant job extending this to other countries. It’s very exciting to see it gathering momentum, with the teams on the ground shaping the offer in line with what’s needed locally.”

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