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We're top for carbon reporting

29 September 2016

We’ve scored first place in Carbon Clear’s annual ranking of the carbon reporting performance of FTSE 100 companies for the third year in a row – ahead of Marks & Spencer and Unilever.

Carbon Clear ranks each FTSE 100 company on their: carbon measurement and reporting; strategy and targets; emissions reduction; engagement with stakeholders; and, innovative approach to sustainability reporting.

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In their report Carbon Clear say “BT has demonstrated a comprehensive approach to carbon and sustainability reporting though an extensive and broad strategic approach, firmly cementing their position as one of the best practice leaders of the FTSE 100.”

“BT has a continuously evolving approach to carbon and sustainability management. They are a member of the CE100 and are exploring the application of the circular economy. The company has also committed to the RE100 initiative, and already sources 95% of electricity bought worldwide from renewable resources.”

Mark Chadwick, Chief Executive of Carbon Clear, commented: "The hard work and dedication companies such as BT, M&S and Unilever have towards developing a more sustainable business model is fantastic. These 'leaders of the pack' are setting the agenda for business sustainability proving that such an approach is aligned to long-term commercial value."

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